Year 6 Residential – Hill End

Report by Taylor, Banksy Class.

Day 1

On Monday 5th June all of Banksy Class went to Hill End and were very excited on the bus.

Once we had settled in to our dorms, we met our activity leader Jane who took us on a sensory walk.

First, we used our sense of sight to find different colours in nature. We stuck samples of what we found onto cards.

Next, we went to the pond are and used another sense to hear our surroundings; we could hear 3 birds.

We then went to a wooded area and got into partners. One of us was blindfolded and the other led the blindfolded person to a tree. Using touch, the blindfolded person had to get to know the tree and once the blind fold was off, identify which tree was theirs.

Lastly, we went to the field and sensory garden and made potions. Some were scented beautifully (I made mine with mint, sage and elderflower),  but some people (Trixie) made one that was disgusting!

Dinner on the first night was a BBQ.

Day 2

On the second day we went into the woods to build dens. They had to shelter the whole group and be waterproof. We got points per person that was dry.

Our leader, John, then taught us fire lighting skills. It was easy to light but harder to keep the fire going.

We also had a go at ‘hunting a boar’ with ‘spears’. We got 1 point for a body shot and 2 for a headshot. My team won with 42 points.

In the afternoon, we were sketching landscape pictures outside of our dorm. We used special sketching pens and added shade by layering dots or check patterns.




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