Trip to Didcot Railway Museum

On Wednesday 9th March, Year 4, 5 and 6 went to Didcot Railway Museum to support our learning in History this term.

We went there on a coach; it was very exciting as this was our first ‘big trip’ out of school for some time.

Whilst we were there, we learned what it was like to live during the war, how to put fires out and how to build an Anderson shelter. When learning about air raids, some of us were excited but some of us were apprehensive.

After lunch we were ‘evacuated’ onto a steam train and partnered up with families, who then give us jobs to do, such as lots of washing up.

We had an amazing time and are very thankful for our unique experience. We would highly recommend a trip to the Railway Museum for families in the local area.

Report by Trixie and Tilley – Klimt class

Visits: 20