Local Governing Body

We want to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and the role we play at Blewbury CofE Endowed Primary School.

Whilst Miss Reeder as Headteacher, is responsible for the management of the school, the Governing Body has an important part to play in raising school standards. We set the strategic direction for the school, ensure financial accountability and monitor and evaluate school performance. Our role is often described as acting as ‘a critical friend’; we support and challenge the school to attain the best possible performance and to give all our pupils the best possible education.

We fulfil statutory duties to ensure that the school is a safe, healthy and inclusive environment. We provide support and challenge to the school leadership on all issues that affect the learning and welfare of our pupils. We have responsibility for agreeing policies and procedures essential to the operation of the school. We also have a responsibility to handle complaints, though it is important to note that individual problems should first be directed to your child’s teacher before contacting the Headteacher.

The Governing Body is drawn from the parents and staff of the school, and the wider community that our school serves. The usual term of office is four years but many governors serve more than one term. Staff governors and parent governors are appointed via elections. Other governors are appointed by the trustees of the Academy on the basis of the knowledge, skills and experience they possess. Link to current list of Governors

The Full Governing Body meets six times a year, and has committees for finance and resources, pay & performance; and curriculum. Once approved, the minutes of the FGB meetings are available from the school office.

If you are interested in the work we do and would like to find out more or have any other questions, please contact the school office. You can also contact the Chair of the governing body, Ann Parham aparham@blewbury.oxon.sch.uk


Further Information and Documentation


Copies of the minutes from our governors’ meetings can be made available on request. Please contact us should you want to receive a copy of the minutes.


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