Our Ethos and Vision


We believe that every child and adult shines with their own unique light. Everyone has special talents which we nurture so that we are all the best that we can be- flourishing and excelling in everything that we do as individuals and as a community.  Our vision is based on Matthew 5: 12-14


We aim to provide irresistible learning that will equip children to live in our diverse and mobile world. We want them to be motivated and inspired to become successful, life-long learners who can apply their learning, make progress and achieve highly. Above all, we want all children to live happy, safe, healthy and fulfilling lives; to become confident individuals; and responsible citizens, who make a positive contribution to society. We believe that every child has the potential to do these things.


Our Values

As a caring Church of England School community, we believe that the ethos of our school should be built on a foundation of core Christian Values. The following four core values reflect our school ethos and vision:


Community   Appreciation   Perseverance   Forgiveness


We believe these core values help us to sustain a culture within which:

  • Children feel safe and secure
  • Children gain self-esteem – valuing themselves and others.
  • Children are knowledgeable about environmental, moral, social, spiritual and economic issues.
  • Children engage with the local community and are aware of Blewbury’s position in a changing world
  • Children enjoy learning, and aren’t afraid to take risks and make mistakes.


Further Information

For further information and to read how we bring these values to life throughout our school please see our Community Cohesion and British Values Policy (Located on the Policies & Procedures page).