Christingle and Candlemas

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On Thursday 27th January, we celebrated Christingle and Candlemas in a combined, virtual collective worship. The event was led by Father Jason, with readings from Klimt class. Each class made a  Christingle, which is made of: an orange, a lighted … Continued

Terrific Teamwork!

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This week we used spaghetti, marshmallows and tape to make bridges. They needed to hold a weight for 30 seconds. We had to work as a team and concentrate. Faith. It was tricky to make the bridge wide enough, but … Continued

Perfect Persuasion.

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In English we are writing in persuasive form. We are writing a letter to Tesco to not throw away ‘wonky’ fruit. It’s important because lots of food has been thrown away that could have fed lots of people. It’s a … Continued

Observational drawing

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This week we have been exploring multiplication and division in maths. In Art, we have been using the skills we have already learned, like cross hatching, to draw 3D objects. Trixie.

Colourful creations!

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DaVinci class have continued their theme of Elmer the Elephant. They used colour mixing to create their own elephants, on both paper and salt dough! Years 1s have been using the story map of Elmer to create their own story … Continued

Our Learning 21.1.22

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In Banksy this week, we have been learning about newspaper reports. We have been focussing conjunctions, fronted adverbials, relative clauses and parenthesis. We are in the planning stages and next week we will be writing reports based on the book, … Continued

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