Reindeer Visit

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On Thursday 9th December, the children of Blewbury school had some very special, festive visitors.   “I liked it when we learnt about their antlers and got to touch one,” said Jai in Goldsworthy class. “They were cute. We learnt … Continued

Anti-Bullying Activities

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For Anti-bullying week, Banksy class took part in role play activities. The children were split into groups and given the role of either aggressor, victim, by-stander or spectator. They acted out a scenario, with three different outcomes: no one helps, … Continued

Kindness is Key

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In Goldsworthy class, we used socks to show being kind. We coloured in socks and wrote nice things about someone else. It was fun making them, Lacey-May. Hits: 6

One Kind Word

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The theme for Anti-bullying Week this year is One Kind Word. Pupils in Klimt class joined pupils in DaVinci class to explore what that means. “Klimt class went to help DaVinci class and we were writing words about anti-bullying week … Continued

Odd Socks Day!

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Monday was Odd Socks Day to recognise and celebrate that we are all different. DaVinci class took part in lots of sock related activities and enjoyed being joined by pupils from Klimt class to create posters for anti-bullying week. “We … Continued

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