Ofsted Report

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We are extremely pleased with the outcome of our inspection, which took place in May. The first sentence of the report ‘pupils are proud of their inclusive and caring school’ absolutely reflects our ethos and vision for Blewbury school. I … Continued

Shadows in Science

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This week in Science, Banksy class have been exploring the position of the sun at different times of day. They drew their shadows to see how they changed. Visits: 16

Play scripts

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Pupils in Klimt class have been writing playscripts based on the story of Odysseus and the Cyclops. They have also made masks for their characters. They will be performing their plays to each other this week. Visits: 19

Art inspired by Giacometti

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Pupils in Picasso have been creating pieces inspired by the ancient Olympics. They are focussing on form in the style of Giacometti. First they completed sketches and then created foil models. Next, they will create models from wire and Modroc. … Continued

Odd and Evens!

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This week in O’Keeffe class, pupils have been learning about odd and even numbers. They were helped by the ‘odd tops’ and ‘even blocks’ from Numberblocks. They have also been planting sunflowers. Visits: 13

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