Nativity Diorama

In KS2, we have made a diorama of the nativity story, using circuits that we learnt about in science.

In Banksy, ours had many different pieces. We made the scene of the 3 kings travelling to Bethlehem and they move up and down using cams. We made and axel out of dowling rods and used hot glue to attach card. The circuit makes the platforms that the kings are on move up and down to move the camels. The backdrop also moves on rotation to change to give the illusion of moving forwards. We also lit up the star they were travelling towards. The switch is made of a paper clip and split pins.

Kilmt class made the scene of the angels delivering the message to the shepherds, with the fire lit up and glowing angels.

Picasso class made the stable scene, with the star lit up.  By Thomas. E and Thomas. M

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