At Blewbury Primary School, we follow the sequence of small steps produced by White Rose Maths. This scheme of learning is designed to support the development of reasoning and problem solving alongside fluency to ensure challenge and ambition for all pupils.

White Rose Maths supports a mastery approach to teaching and learning and has number at its heart. In order to deliver these small steps, we use a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach using manipulatives, models and images to embed concepts. Mental methods and high quality maths talk are at the heart of how we teach maths. Without these vital steps, children cannot deepen their understanding or stretch their thinking.


How we Teach Maths at Blewbury and How to Help at Home


Maths Written Calculation Guidance Videos

White Rose Maths uses a mastery approach to introduce children to maths methods and concepts using small steps of learning and visual aids. Children are introduced to the four number operations using pictorial representations and hands on learning. This gives them an understanding of why written methods are used in maths and how these work. This is a huge shift from rote learning methods. Formal written calculation methods are mostly introduced in Key Stage 2 (Year 3-6), although some may be taught in Year 2. These methods are ones that, as adults, we may be more used to using. It is important not to introduce these methods too early as it can hinder learning the ‘maths behind the method’.

These calculation videos have been created to remind children how to carry out written methods but also to enable parents and carers to see how the children are being taught and allow you to support your child in a way which consolidates their learning at school.

A rough outline of which stages are introduced at which age can be seen below:

Year Group

Written Calculation Stage Introduced

Addition (+)

Subtraction (-)

Multiplication (x)

Division (÷)

2 1,2 1,2
3 3,4,5 3,4 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4
4 6,7,8 5,6 5 5
5 9 7 6,7,8,9 6
6 10 7,8


Please click on the links below to access our written calculation guidance videos:

White Rose Calculation Policies & Guidance

If you have any questions about maths at Blewbury, please talk to your child’s class teacher, or email FAO the maths coordinator


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