At Blewbury Primary School, we follow the sequence of small steps produced by White Rose Maths. This scheme of learning is designed to support the development of reasoning and problem solving alongside fluency to ensure challenge and ambition for all pupils.

White Rose Maths supports a mastery approach to teaching and learning and has number at its heart. In order to deliver these small steps, we use a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach using manipulatives, models and images to embed concepts. Mental methods and high quality maths talk are at the heart of how we teach maths. Without these vital steps, children cannot deepen their understanding or stretch their thinking.

Written methods in maths always build upon mental methods and we introduce these following the calculation policies set out by White Rose Maths (Year 1-6). Using these small steps enables children to fully understand the maths behind the methods, deepen understanding, make connections and learn how to apply maths. By following White Rose Maths all the way from Reception to Year 6, children are provided with consistency in models and images and can progress from one stage to the next.

Please find below the White Rose Maths calculation policies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for Years 1-6. Please also find our own school guidance for children working in Reception:


White Rose Calculation Policies & Guidance


Skills Progression Documents

These documents detail the mathematical skills and concepts your child will be taught in each year group:



Maths Coordinator, Susan Calvert

If you have any questions about maths then please talk to your child’s class teacher, or email Susan: