On Thursday, Father led a special collective worship in school to teach our pupils about communion.


“Father Jason wore a special cloak and had some special wine and bread He gave us a flat plate and a jug and cup. He talked about them and gave the bread and drink to Mrs Jacob. It represented Jesus. I learnt that it was from the last Supper” Isabel, Klimt Class.


“I learnt that it is customary for the clergy to wear a cloak in the shape of a bell. It was purple because it is Advent. The bread was made in a special way so that it is compressed, like a wafer. Normally red wine is used but he used a red drink to represent this.

I am going to Church on Sunday with my Nanna, where she goes each Sunday for communion. To me, communion is a reminder of how Jesus sacrificed himself to save mankind.” Roman, Banksy Class


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