Christingle and Candlemas

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On Thursday 27th January, we celebrated Christingle and Candlemas in a combined, virtual collective worship.

The event was led by Father Jason, with readings from Klimt class.

Each class made a  Christingle, which is made of:

  • an orange,
  • a lighted candle,
  • a red ribbon
  • and dried fruit and sweets on 4 cocktail sticks.

“The orange represents the World and the ribbon represents Jesus’ blood and pain,” said AJ in Goldsworthy class.

Goldsworthy class learnt a Christingle song to understand the meaning of Christingle.

40 days after the birth of Jesus, Mary took her son to the Temple of Jerusalem. By the middle of the 5th century, the custom of observing this religious festival with lighted candles had been introduced, and it became known as Candlemas.

Saskia and Audrey from Banksy class wrote the following prayer for the occasion:

Please help us to see the light in the darkness,

To shine our brightest and help those in need,

and to look our for others when they are happy or sad.

Please help us to have the courage to shine our light when others try to blow it out.


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