Our Learning 21.1.22

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In Banksy this week, we have been learning about newspaper reports. We have been focussing conjunctions, fronted adverbials, relative clauses and parenthesis. We are in the planning stages and next week we will be writing reports based on the book, … Continued

Anti-Bullying Activities

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For Anti-bullying week, Banksy class took part in role play activities. The children were split into groups and given the role of either aggressor, victim, by-stander or spectator. They acted out a scenario, with three different outcomes: no one helps, … Continued

Banksy Class Langar Meal.

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Today, pupils in Banksy class had the opportunity to experience Langar. In Sikhism, it is believed that everyone is welcome in the Sikh holy place, called a Gurdwara. Everyday the Sikh’s provide a meal to all that require one, any … Continued

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