Buddhist Monk Visit

A Buddhist monk came to visit. In assembly, he showed us a shrine, it included a bhodi, a bell, a Buddha statue, chanting thread, and incense.  He taught us how to meditate by taking a deep breath, holding it for 10 seconds and then releasing. It was really relaxing. He also showed us chanting – this was part of the meditation. During meditation, monks wrap the chanting thread around the Buddha statue to connect with Buddha. He told us about his clothes – the traditional ‘uniform’ for Buddhist monks to wear.

In class, we asked questions we had prepared in our RE lesson. He answered them all. My question was ‘what special meal do you eat at a special occasion?’ He relied ‘almost always a curry, served with rice’. By Faith, Klimt Class

At lunch time, a group of us went to the staff room to heat up some food, including fish, vegetable curry, dahl, rice. We laid the table and served the food to him, asking him how much of each item he wanted. We spooned it onto his plate and then served him water. This was our way of showing respect to the monk. I was a bit nervous, but it was good. By Monty, Klimt class. 

Visits: 41