Last week, we were lucky to have BeSpace in school. BeSpace provides all pupils in the school the opportunity to think and talk about the concepts of reflection, contemplation, and prayer.

‘It was a nice place to relax and think abut all the thoughts that you can’t think about when you are doing other things. It’s nice to have time with your own thoughts’. Lydia, Klimt class.

‘First we had headphones to listen to music while we looked at a glitter jar; next we were looking in a mirror and thinking about our personalities and who we really are, looking inside ourselves; third we looked at a map and writing on post-its what we would want to happen or not happen, for example ‘I want the Ukraine and Russia war to stop’; the last activity was scratch pictures – we could write words or draw pictures and I drew one to show nature and the environment. My favourite activity was the music’. Charlie, Picasso class.

A huge thank you to Harriet from BeSpace and Penny Brassell and her team of volunteers, who made it such a wonderful experience for our pupils.


Here is a message from Penny, who helped to organise the event:

On behalf of BeSpace and all the volunteers I wanted to write to thank you for making us so welcome at Blewbury School this week.

We all really enjoyed our time with you. The children were all responsive and respectful and entered into the concepts of ‘prayer’ and ‘reflection’ with enthusiasm and focus. They gave us some useful feedback and showed thoughtfulness in many of their responses in terms of being thankful as well as caring for our world and its people. We also wanted to recognise and celebrate the Teaching Assistants and teachers who came with the children; They are all a credit to the school.

It was also good to have some parents and guardians join us on Tuesday afternoon. Thank you to them for their interest and time.

Visits: 9