Sports Report

One of the outstanding assets of Blewbury School is our outdoor spaces and playing fields. Pupils at the School benefit from these both for organised sports and gym activities, as well as during their own break times. At the moment … Continued

Animal poems

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Here is the learning overview for Goldsworthy class this term.   This week, the pupils have been writing cinquain poems about animals. Visits: 18

Banksy learning

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Here is the Banksy class learning overview for this term.   This week, the pupils have been writing poems about how to have a great year.   In art, they have been exploring the work of Barbara Shaw. They have … Continued


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Klimt have the overarching theme of Vikings and Invasions this term.   In computing this week, the pupils have created their own podcasts on a topic of their choice. “It was really good because we could choose what it was … Continued

Picasso learning

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This term, Picasso class will be learning about the Vikings. Last week, they explored weaving with card and will move onto weaving with wool, in the same way Vikings did. They have also started an experiment in Science, to investigate … Continued

Wonderful Winter

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O’Keeffe class has the new topic of Winter & Journeys. Pupils have been making the most of the cold weather by exploring how to free dinosaurs from the ice. Their ideas included using salt or warm water to melt the … Continued

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