Pop art

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Picasso class have created pop art pictures in the style of Andy Warhol. They had a bowl of fruit to observe and created their own pattern underneath the bowl to make it pop! They drew their pictures, added colour and … Continued


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In Science and Geography we have been learning about different types of rock and fossils. Today, we have been trying to work out how wide a dinosaur step is. On the hall floor there were dinosaur footprints. We measured the … Continued

Roman shields

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For home learning this week, we made shields. Some people drew and wrote about them and posted it on SeeSaw and some people made them of paper or card. One person made theirs from wood! The shields have colours of … Continued

Lunar New Year

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O’Keeffe class have been learning all about the Chinese New Year, including lantern making, dragon dances and the story of the Emperor and the 12 animals of the Zodiac. Here is some writing retelling the story:  

The Grubber

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This week, pupils in Goldsworthy class have created a shop in their classroom. It’s called The Grubber, after the shop in The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me, which they are using in guided reading.   The shop is supporting their … Continued


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This week in History we have been researching the Romans to find out why they were so effective, Abi. We also looked and advantages and disadvantages of the armour, Taylor.

Excellent English

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In English, we have started learning the story of Romulus and Remus. We have acted out scenes from the story and drawn story maps. We are now looking at character development, with a focus on speech. Grace, Klimt Class.

Awesome Art

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In art, Goldsworthy class have been looking at sketching skills. They have used patterns and shading techniques to complete these pictures of penguins, linked to their learning about the Antarctic. Well done!

Super Science

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In Science we have been learning about the body. In our first lesson we worked in teams to put skeletons together, naming the different parts (e.g ribs, collar bone). We then added organs: lungs, kidney,  heart, liver, stomach, small intestine and … Continued

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