Anti-bullying Week

This week in school has been Anti-Bullying week.

We started the week with Odd Socks Day to celebrate that we are all different.

We talked in assembly about bullying and what it means – bullying is the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group. It can happen face to face or online – and how we can help stop it. We also learnt that there are different types of bullying such as mental, physical, and cyber-bullying.

This year’s theme for anti-bullying week is ‘Reach Out’. This has two meanings – you can reach out and support people if you think they are being bullied by standing up for them or asking someone else to help. It also means, you can reach out to many people of you are being bullied, like your friends, teachers, parents or carers. We can all make a difference if we try.

Anti-bullying week links to the values we learn in school because it is about being kind to each other and showing courage and celebrating difference.

By Thomas.E and Kaya in Klimt Class.


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